“About Me,” Or, “An Awkward Introduction”


Katelynn Martin is a sometimes-ambitious creative-type person who has a lot of ideas and never enough time for them all. After spending six and a half years in the NYC area, she lives in St. Petersburg, FL with her precocious daughter and too many cats.

Studio art is Katelynn’s first love, and she enjoys creating clean designs built upon a foundation of good typography. Her bread and butter is retouching, but she is always open to new endeavours, in spite of her crushing misanthropy.

If you’re looking for someone to provide 439852089345 versions of an idea that you will “know when you see,” Katelynn isn’t the designer for you. Being far too old to not recognize her own worth, she also doesn’t take on non-paying jobs, unless you have either a really cute cat or an extensive vinyl rarities collection – in which case, you can probably afford to pay, so don’t be an asshole.

Since talking in the third person is tiresome, here is a message from the artist herself: “I like money, and I enjoy not starving to death. My turn-ons are sad bastard music, sarcasm, and an impressive vocabulary. Turn-offs include lines like ‘does this make my logo look bigger,’ and ‘can you give it more POP?’ If it sounds like we might be a match, shoot me an email or catch me on Facebook